New paper on OzTrack published in Animal Biotelemetry

Want to read more about the OzTrack/ZoaTrack project? Check out our recent publication in Animal Biotelemetry, where we describe the underlying ‘nuts and bolts’ of the system, and discuss applications of the software to species management and conservation.

Animal Biotelemetry

This paper is also a useful resource for users looking to cite OzTrack/ZoaTrack when reporting on how their animal tracking data was processed and analysed in reports and scientific publications.

You can also read an interview relating to this at the BioMed central blog network, where I discuss how this online tool benefits the science community, can increase community involvement and why an open access approach to software and data is the future for conservation science.

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Racing whale sharks around the world

ECOOCEAN are using as an outreach platform to engage school children with science and nature.  They have already satellite tagged 12 whale sharks, with each device and animal linked to primary or secondary school. The viusal platofrm of ZoaTrack and the analysis tools on offer enable anyway to log on view and analyse the whale shark movement information. The project is a joint initiative between the WA Department of Education, and is a  great example of how ZoaTrack can be used to promote research, education and conservation.

View the Whale Shark tracks here OR go to and search the data repository.

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ZoaTrack is the new OzTrack

zoatrack_final   is the new  OzTracklogo

A lot has happened in the last year.

The OzTrack platform has been rehomed and is now supported and governed by the Atlas of Living Australia. We have a new larger Scientific Steering Committee, and the look and feel of the old platform has been significantly upgraded.

The name of the platform and domain has also changed to (Zoa – Latin for animals). We believe this name better reflects our growing international community of users.

Log on. Try uploading some of your own data, or play with some analysis tools on existing data within our repository.

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Why should you share your hard-won animal telemetry data?

This is a question I am often asked by those tagging and tracking animals.

I believe the main reason to share animal telemetry is to ensure data longevity and make it possible to assess how animal movement may be changing through time.

Moreover, every animal that is captured and tagged is impacted upon by the procedure. We are therefore, ethically obliged to ensure the findings from our studies are maximised -even if this occurs long after we are finished with the data.

There are also personal benefits to you as a user by sharing your data. It will advertise publications arising from the research, and others may think of a new way of synthesis for these data, opening up new collaborations, publication and funding opportunities.

A recent study published in Science of the Total Environment, estimated that out of the thousands of animals whose movements have been tracked across Australasia, the findings from less than 50 % have been published. Significantly less (8 %) are discoverable via online resources. The aim of the zoaTrack platform is to turn this statistic around, so that these data can be discovered and compared into the future.

In using the platform access to your data-collection can be embargoed for a limited time, but go on, make it open-access and allow others to view these amazing data-sets.

Posted in Uncategorized to feature at AWMS and ECOTAS13!

The OzTrack team are pleased to announce that will feature at the upcoming Australasian Wildlife Management Society (AWMS) and ECOTAS13 conferences later this month, across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand.

Conferences attendees include researchers, academics, students, consultants,  land managers, government workers and manufacturers – all with a core interest in ecology and/or wildlife management.

During the conference talks, our Scientific Data Analyst Dr Ross Dwyer will be demonstrating the core functions of the OzTrack software. In particular, how these new tools can help ecologists and wildlife managers in data management and interpretation, and in increasing the exposure of their own research, conservation programs and management initiatives.

Please contact Ross if you’d like to arrange a meeting, or alternatively just say ‘hello!’

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Animals tracked with tiny tags summon their own drones – tech – 09 October 2013 – New Scientist

Miniature GPS tags create a network between themselves and deliver data payloads through that network to drones.

Animals tracked with tiny tags summon their own drones – tech – 09 October 2013 – New Scientist.

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This Bird Can Stay in Flight for Six Months Straight | Surprising Science

This Bird Can Stay in Flight for Six Months Straight | Surprising Science.

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