Data cleansing in OzTrack

One of the aims of OzTrack – in addition to supporting analysis and visualisation – is to provide tools for improved management of animal tracking data. As part of this, we are currently developing a feature for data cleansing, where invalid points can be easily identified and removed from a project using a map-based interface. This step should be done after uploading data, before using the analysis tools.

You can access this feature by going to and clicking Data Cleansing on your project’s page. Select points for removal from the project by drawing polygons around them: click to start drawing and click again to draw each side of your selected area; double-click to finish drawing. You can draw as many polygons as are required.

Here’s some screenshots of the feature in action:

When points are deleted from a project they will not be included in any analysis routines; however, they are retained in the OzTrack database, allowing them to be reviewed and restored later if necessary.

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