Who are the NeCTAR research community?

You will have seen the logos and read the blurbs, but have you ever met a researcher from another NeCTAR eResearch project?

On my last count there were 16 eResearch tools being constructed at various institutes around Australia. Although the substance of the projects vary considerably I am sure we have faced the same issues and share the same aspirations for our new research tool.

We have found ourselves outside the ivory tower. In an unfamiliar world where academic niceties don’t seem to apply. We all want our eResearch tool to be a game changer for our respective communities, but I now realise that it doesn’t end when the software is finished. That is just when the challenge begins. 

This blog is a call to those researchers to share advice that may assist others. This can be done through the blog or perhaps a conference/meeting can be arranged for later this  year.  

Show of our new toys!


About dr. Hamish Campbell

I am an Animal Ecologist, particularly interested in sticking electronic devices on animals and seeing where they go. I had the vision for OzTrack after realising how much hard-won data was being lost to the research community. A focus of my research is to bridge the information gap between those tracking the animals in the field and those that may utlise the data for resource management, ecosystem science and policy
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