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ZoaTrack is the new OzTrack

   is the new   A lot has happened in the last year. The OzTrack platform has been rehomed and is now supported and governed by the Atlas of Living Australia. We have a new larger Scientific Steering Committee, and the … Continue reading

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Why should you share your hard-won animal telemetry data?

This is a question I am often asked by those tagging and tracking animals. I believe the main reason to share animal telemetry is to ensure data longevity and make it possible to assess how animal movement may be changing … Continue reading

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New paper on OzTrack published in Animal Biotelemetry

Want to read more about the OzTrack/ZoaTrack project? Check out our recent publication in Animal Biotelemetry, where we describe the underlying ‘nuts and bolts’ of the system, and discuss applications of the software to species management and conservation. This paper is … Continue reading

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