Crocodile tagging field trip

Tagging a Crocodile (Photo by Ben Beaden - Australia Zoo)

Hamish and Ross tagging a Crocodile (Photo by Ben Beaden – Australia Zoo)

In August 2012 Dr Hamish Campbell and Dr Ross Dwyer joined the Australia Zoo and the Irwin’s in a field trip to the Wenlock River near Weipa to tag and track crocodiles.  The above photo shows Ross (OzTrack Scientific Data Analyst) and Hamish (OzTrack Scientific Advisor) fitting a tag to a crocodile. Tracking data from previous field trips to the Wenlock River region is stored in OzTrack.

The Cairns Post published a story on this field trip on September 6, 2012 – “Family continues work of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin on Cape York“.  It features a photo taken by Dr Hamish Campbell.

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eResearch Australasia 2012

The eResearch Australasia conference (Sydney, 28 Oct – 2 Nov 2012) has concluded for another year, providing a snapshot of the excellent and varied eResearch initiatives underway in our region. The theme for the conference was “empowering eResearch” – how information and communication technologies help researchers to collaborate, collect, manage, share, process, analyse, store, find, understand, and re-use information.

Members of the UQ eResearch Lab attended, hosting an exhibition booth in which posters for several projects, including OzTrack, were presented. There was significant interest in OzTrack, both in the eResearch Tools project and the related PhD project on annotation and analysis of accelerometry data.

Throughout the projects presented at the conference, there was an emphasis on the infrastructure from NeCTAR and RDSI in place to support them. Several of NeCTAR’s eResearch Tools and Virtual Laboratories projects bear close resemblance to OzTrack in terms of hosting data and analysis/modelling tools in the research cloud. We look forward to monitoring these projects and taking on board any lessons for OzTrack.

Software Engineer – Charles Brooking

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OzTrack attracts attention at UQ ITEE Innovation Showcase

The UQ School of ITEE hosted an Innovation Showcase on Tuesday 30th October 2012 from 4 PM to 6 PM to present and demonstrate research, thesis and undergraduate project work. Invited to this event were people from industry, local school teachers and some school students, and of course people from UQ.

The ITEE eResearch group showcased four projects one of which was the OzTrack project. The OzTrack project attracted significant interest from academics, industry, and students alike. Interest in OzTrack during the event focused around the collection, accumulation and management of animal telemetry data, and on the types of analysis and modeling which can be perform on that data.

Project Manager – Wilfred Brimblecombe

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OzTrack in UQ News

The University of Queensland has published an article on OzTrack in “UQ News” on-line. You can read it here or follow the link:

Project Manager – Wilfred Brimblecombe

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Data cleansing in OzTrack

One of the aims of OzTrack – in addition to supporting analysis and visualisation – is to provide tools for improved management of animal tracking data. As part of this, we are currently developing a feature for data cleansing, where invalid points can be easily identified and removed from a project using a map-based interface. This step should be done after uploading data, before using the analysis tools.

You can access this feature by going to and clicking Data Cleansing on your project’s page. Select points for removal from the project by drawing polygons around them: click to start drawing and click again to draw each side of your selected area; double-click to finish drawing. You can draw as many polygons as are required.

Here’s some screenshots of the feature in action:

When points are deleted from a project they will not be included in any analysis routines; however, they are retained in the OzTrack database, allowing them to be reviewed and restored later if necessary.

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OzTrack Steering Committee

OzTrack is coordinated and advised by a Steering Committee of UQ School of Biological Sciences (SOBS) , School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (SITEE), and members from external institutes from around Australia. The OzTrack Steering Committee members are:

Prof Craig Franklin, Chair, SOBS, UQ

Prof Jane Hunter, Technical Project Leader, SITEE, UQ

Dr Hamish Campbell, Scientific Advisor, SOBS, UQ

Wilfred Brimblecombe, Project Manager SITEE, UQ

Tim Clancy, Terrestrial Ecosystem Resource Network

Dr Greg Baxter, Australian Wildlife Management Society (AWMS)

Dr Colin Simpfendorfer, James Cook University, Chair of AATAMS data committe

Dr Toby Patterson, Marine and Atmospheric Research (MAR), CSIRO

Prof Mark Hindell, University of Tasmania, Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)

Dr David Westcott, Ecosystem Sciences, CSIRO

Nigel Ward, NeCTAR representative

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